Category: Write Club

Covid-19 has changed all of our lives. In many ways it has separated us from our loved ones, but in others it has brought us closer together, even if it is over a video call.
My Mum, Julie and My Son, Chris, and I have been having weekly video calls that we refer to as ‘Write Club’. We all three like to write poems and during our weekly call we have been setting each other a challenge to write a poem on a random subject that we pick for each other. The rule is generally that the poem is 12 lines of no more than 10 syllables each, but we haven’t always stuck to that when the creative juices are flowing. We chat, we complain, we laugh, we reminisce but we always write poems.
We decided to put them here for you to enjoy too. The titles are the random ones that we have picked.
We hope you enjoy them.