David The Blackbird’s Bad Day

The pine cone popped open and seed pods fell down
They rolled through some tubes and then bobbled around
Making their way to a small acorn cup
Where the rattling sound made a Blackbird wake up

Dave ruffled his feathers and blinked both his eyes
He stretched out his wings and then rolled on his side
He flopped out of bed and he put on his vest
Today was the day he would clear out the nest

For many long years he had sorted away
The things that he thought would be useful someday
He promised his wife he would clear it all out
And she promised back not to fuss or to shout

So David the blackbird pulled on his big boots,
And used some tree bark as a good rubbish chute
Then using a box that he made from cardboard
He started to pack up and throw out the hoard

The clear out began very swiftly indeed
As he started with several years of old seed
Then went his boxes of twigs and dry leaves
And old bits of cloth that were once Percy’s sleeves

Then taking a break to mop sweat from his head
He continued by dumping some bits of old bed
Quite pleased with his progress he went down below
And that’s when the problem then started to show

For down on the ground where it all had collected
Was quite a big mess that Dave hadn’t expected
It covered up most of the tree at the roots
And then piled up backwards halfway up the chute

So Dave is now working quite hard to get free
All the rubbish sent down from high up in the tree
When he caught the sly eye of a nasty old cat
Who saw Dave and thought “Yes, I’ll have some of that!”

With David distracted Big Mog makes a plan
The dirty old cat lays as low as he can
He sneaks up in silence, both dodging and ducking
And right behind Dave who was not really looking

A shadow in fur, Big Mog leaps on his prey
And Dave has no chance to get out of the way
Mog floors him and bites him and drags him around
And Dave is left battered and flat on the ground

As fortune would have it, young Marvin was there
A mouse with quick wits and not easily scared
He ran up the tree to get help for poor Dave
To a squirrel named Colin who always was brave

Big Mog ran away just like most bullies do
After giving poor David a bit of a chew
When Colin rushed down to the aid of his friend
Poor Dave was a mess and it looked like the end

With water and kindness the blackbird was woken
Though dazed and in shock with one wing clearly broken
So Colin vowed there, he would sort out this cat
And the friends in the garden had no doubt of that

Some of them started to bandage up Dave
And some cleared the rubbish with Colin the Brave
And after not long, when the mess was addressed
They put Dave to bed for some much needed rest

So this is what happened to David that day
When he was just throwing some rubbish away
And If there is more of this story you crave
Then you need to read about Colin The Brave!

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