Gavin The Hedgehog

Gavin the Hedgehog was still very small
And having a difficult time
In learning to roll himself up in a ball
But learning is perfectly fine

His first lesson Came, as it should, from his Mum
Whose method may sound a bit daft
He laid on his back and she tickled his tum
But then that just made Gavin laugh

His Dad tried to show him a different way
That may seem quite funny to some
He sat him upright and then he would say
“And now touch your nose to your bum!”

His Grandma was certain she could show him lots
Of good ways to make a round shape
But that got him tied up in terrible knots
From which he just could not escape

His Granddad was expert at rolling around
And making his spikes all stick out
But still he just crawled around on the ground
Which made them all just want to shout

It seemed like this hedgehog was born to be flat
And never to roll in a ball
But one day when playing it worked just like that
And suddenly he just showed them all

Jemima and Gavin were having a spill
And taking their turns in a chase
And finding themselves at the top of a hill
They started big downhill race

Jemima was wining as moles roll up well
But Gavin was finding it hard
He couldn’t keep up and could easily tell
Jemima would beat him by yards

So launching himself in the air all at once
It happened without even trying
He landed head first and then rolled on his bonce
And suddenly he was now flying

His hands grabbed a hold of his feet and held tight
And he tucked in his chin in to his chest
He held that position because it felt right
And gravity just did the rest

Within a few seconds he took to the lead
He went past Jemima with ease
He rolled like a cannon-ball going at speed
And his family were terribly pleased

When Gavin rolled up and right into the crowd
He uncurled and looked at them all
“Did you see me?” Excited he shouted out loud
“I did it, I rolled in a ball!”

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