His Biggest Mistake

I went to the liquor store Saturday night
To pick up some drink for the pain
I sat on the kerb there beside an old tramp
Who never did tell me his name.

“I never meant nothing to turn out like this”
He offered as though I had asked
“It’s all turned to shit and it’s my fault I know
And fixing it’s too big a task.”

“So I sit here and drink myself stupid each night
Like I did when there was only me.”
Then he crawled to his feet and stood by a bin
And steam rose where he started to pee.

“You know when your drunk and you get an idea
And then cos your drunk it seems great?
Well that’s how it was when I started all this
And now there’s too much on my plate.”

“It seemed really easy, creating a place
Where stuff was just how I would like
But stuff never does what you mean it to do
And now it defies me for spite.”

See, war was just something I made up one night
When I was angry and looking to blame
I never meant no one to get into war
Or to kill or to die in my name.”

“And love, there’s another I never thought through
I was just lonely and wanted a friend
But jealousy, murder, betrayal and lust
Well I never saw those round the bend.”

“I never meant time to be such a big thing
I just made up that for a laugh
In truth I just wanted a way I could tell
How long I had spent in the bath.”

“I didn’t want anyone worshipping me”
He hissed through his broken black teeth
“They won’t leave me alone now, the miserable bunch
And won’t stand on their own feet”

“Disease!” He proclaimed, like he’d suddenly seen
“Another mistake that I dread,
I was playing with something to kill off the pests
In my garden and look how it spread”

“So I thought it was best to just leave you alone
Before I caused any more harm
And for the last fourteen billion years
It worked pretty much like a charm”

“I’ve ignored all the prayers as best as I can
I’ve let things just take their own course
I thought I really should just cut myself off
Like the world an I just got divorced.”

Then I felt in my belly a terrible churn
And I shook him ’til he dropped his beer
“Now just listen here, you pathetic old man
Just pin back your dirty old ears”

“You can’t just create things and screw it all up
Then hide it away in the shed
We aren’t a school project, you dopey old fool
So get that idea out your head”

“You sit here alone in self pity and whine
About how none of this was your plan
Well You made it, You fix it and do it damn quick
Cos the worst thing you made here was Man”

“We’ve built a whole world full of buildings for you
Where folks talk to you score after score
While the priests help themselves to the boys in the choir
When they’ve bolted the big wooden door”

“We’ve drowned the young women who heal the sick
Or we’ve tortured and marked them with brands
We tested them all and YOU proved them ‘witch’
You can’t wash that blood off your hands”

“And the number of names that we’ve given to you
And taught children to follow in faith
And when faith turns to hate they just strap on a vest
With a promise of heaven that waits”

“There are those who deny their own child a heart
Just to get them a pass through your gates
So they suffer and weaken and die for your sake
But by then the real truth is too late”

“For thousands of years and in thousands of ways
We’ve tried living by books in your name
Not once did you tell us which one was correct
And you seem to think it’s some game!”

“So don’t expect pity from us lot down here
You should be the one with a plan
You see the pigs ear that comes of it all
When YOU influence Woman and Man?”

“Don’t think you can walk off without any care
This world is screwed up ‘cos of you
And whether you’re real or wether you’re not
Accept the damn blame where it’s due”

The bearded old tramp look me square in the eye
And then rests his hand on my lapel
“I’m sorry”, he said “For leaving you all
with the mess that I made, with this Hell”

“It’s too late to fix now, I can’t roll it back
I cannot undo what is done”
And with that he vanished, this grubby old tramp
and left me completely alone.

Then this kid who stood watching me suddenly asked
“You know that there is no-one there?
You’ve been here all alone mate for all of this time
And only been talking to air”

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