I Met A Little Boy

I met a little boy today
Who had no smile and couldn’t play
He looked at me with such sad eyes
It broke my heart and made me cry

I asked him where his parents were
He didn’t speak and didn’t stir
I asked him why he had no toys
He just stared back, this little boy

I thought I recognised his face
From where or when I couldn’t place
He stared with curiosity
It seemed as though this boy knew me

At length he spoke and questioned me
And asked me where on Earth I’d been
The question took me by surprise
And how he looked me in the eyes

He reached his tiny hand to me
And placed it where my heart would be
And instantly I knew his name
And his and mine were both the same

‘You have my toys’, he said at last
‘And have done since a long time past’
‘You locked them up and out of mind
You just forgot, you weren’t unkind’

And then he reached and took my hand
To help him up so he could stand
And standing up beside me now
I saw the furrows in his brow

‘For one so young you look so sad’
I said to him, this little lad
And then I knelt and held him near
I felt him sigh and saw his tears

But then I saw his tears were mine
And he was me from younger times
Then suddenly he disappeared
His face, his voice, his eyes, his tears

I felt his presence in my heart
Putting back a missing part
He’d really been there all along
Just silenced from his laugh and song

So now I know him and his name
He’ll live inside me, free from shame
And he can play and sing at last
Free from shadows of the past

Now every day I talk to him
And ask him how his day has been
He tells me and I listen well
To everything he has to tell

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