My Pet Cat

She raises her head just enough to show me
That I stroked her in just the wrong spot
She gives me a glance
That if she gets the chance
She’ll swipe me and show me who’s boss

She mostly ignores me unless she wants food
And then makes a terrible din
She sits at my door
And claws at the floor
Until I wake up and give in

She lies on the pipes that are under the floor
She knows the warm spots in the house
And that’s where she stays
Most nights and most days
Until she remembers the mouse

My knees are her favourite spot to recline
The laptop she’ll nudge from her chair
She stands on the keys
Without saying please
Deleting the the work that was there

The sun that comes in from the window is key
To her choice of a place to recline
She wanders around
Then lies on the ground
With a smile that says “Yes, this is fine.”

She chases the shadows I make on the ground
And jumps at them with her meat hooks
And then she will see
Its just silly me
And throws most indignant a look

My cat is my friend, though she wouldn’t admit
That she loves me just like I love her
But when she is gone
And just memories live on
I’ll miss that soft sound of her purr

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