Percival’s Garden

Percival Greenfingers likes to grow things
In the garden behind his old house
Some very peculiar plants grow back there
Like the peas who can squeak like a mouse

The sunflower gang are the happiest lot
And can actually glow in the dark
Which makes them quite useful in power cuts too
When they light up the path to the park

There aren’t any fences round Percival’s plot
As the wandering shrubs like to roam
But they never go far as their memory is poor
And they often forget the way home

In the orchard you’ll see he has hives for the bees
Because Percy is quite fond of honey
But he also has birds that make lemon curd
Well I did say his garden’s quite funny!

Whenever the grass is in need of a trim
He never takes out the lawn mower
He can’t bear to cut it and so he just says
“Could I ask you to bend a bit lower?”

Percy has lived there a very long time
With his wife and his animal friends
They all share the garden and love it so much
And cherish the time that they spend

There’s Marvin the mouse who is tiny and quick
And Erasmus the owl who is wise
David the Blackbird has quite a bad day
Mick fox like to sells things he buys

Siamese Bob has a journey unplanned
To see how that ends, please read on
And the Ballad of Colin the Squirrel is here
To show how a legend was born

If you want to know more about all of these friends
Then read them all here one by one
In the stories I tell in these poems for you
If you like them, then please pass them on

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