Siamese Bob

Cats come in all shapes and sizes, its true
And Bob’s no exception to that
He’s been to some very odd sizes indeed
And peculiar shapes for a cat.

See, Siamese bob has some tricks up his sleeve
That not many know, that’s for sure
He can stretch and can bend into many a form
So he looks like a puss-cat no more

His front legs can wrap right around his own neck
And back legs around his own waist
His tail tucks under and just disappears
So he fits in a very small space

This means he can sleep in the oddest of spot
Like a handbag or maybe a case
So sometimes he nods off in somewhere unseen
And is somewhere quite else when he wakes

Now most of the time he can find his way back
To the garden he knows, at all cost
But once he was sleeping and went on a trip
And found himself totally lost

He had taken to sleeping inside an old boot
With no idea they were for sale
Somebody bought them, they went in the post
And he found himself waking in Wales

The parcel was opened and to his surprise
The face wasn’t Percy’s for sure
So quick as a flash he jumped up and ran
Right out of the open back door

Over the garden and under the hedges
As fast as his legs would now go
He stopped for a moment and had a look round
But he didn’t know where he was though

He normally looked for the giant church spire
To work out just where he had been
It stood next to Percy’s old house, two doors down
But the landmark just couldn’t be seen

He sat by a fish pond and wondered out loud
“Just how will I find my way home?”
I must get straight back the the garden I love
And with that pushed over a gnome

Just then a bin lorry rumbled right past
And the men started emptying bins
Bob had an idea and with a short dash
Leapt up and then threw himself in

Then, quick as a flash he climbed up on the top
So he didn’t get crushed in the van
And from right up there he was able to see
Much more than he normally can

Not really knowing which way he should go
He sat there for quite a long spell
But decided to find somewhere else he could hide
When the bin lorry started to smell

So when they had stopped and a tanker went past
Bob saw his chance and swapped rides
He rolled up quite small and squeezed himself in
To a metal toolbox on the side

Lying on screwdrivers, spanners and rags
Wasn’t really that comfy at all
But you can’t be choosy when hitching a ride
And you’re only just eight inches tall

The tanker rolled onwards for many a mile
Bob hoped it was going his way
He’d lost track of time and he just couldn’t tell
If he’d been gone for hours or days

Just then they stopped and the driver got out
And he thought he should take a quick peep
So he opened the toolbox and poked out his head
The drivers were going to sleep!

Not wanting to stay in the oily tool box
Until morning had come back around
He opened the lid and straightened his legs
And lowered himself to the ground

So where to go next was a difficult choice
For a scared and a lost little puss
But he made up his mind and decided to climb
In the back of a big red night-bus

Just as he was settled amongst all the bags
He heard the bus driver announce
“Does anyone else want the bus to Port Town?”
Which made the cats ears prick right out

That word he just heard was one that he knew
Percy has said it before
It must be the town where Percy’s house was
The one near the little sea shore

Bob snuggled right down and hoped he was right
That this bus was now taking him home
And he promised himself in that minute, right there
Never again to sleep-roam

Very unlike Bob, he tried to not sleep
For fear of missing his stop
But the bus was quite warm and after not long
His tired eyes started to drop

But just as he started to drift and to dream
He heard the ding-ding of the bell
And when the door opened to where he was lay
He saw things he knew very well

The chip shop, the barbers, the book shop and pub
All stood in a row by the quay
The sound of the market and smell of the fish
All of them filled him with glee

He scrambled right out of the bus and was gone
And saw the church spire at last
He rounded the corner to Percival’s road
And now he was running quite fast

He burst through the gate and then ran up the path
To the garden where all his friends were
Past dustbins and toolshed he scampered along
Not stopping once even to purr

“My friends” he declared, I’m back home again
And then he pronounced to them all
“Never again, will I curl up and hide
Or sleep in a place that’s too small”

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