The Coronavirus Con

I stood in a park, a sign in my hand
I fought for my freedom and yours
I stood arm by arm with woman and man
I shouted the words of our cause

I wasn’t prepared to follow the call
I saw no good reason to wait
I didn’t think distancing mattered at all
And I wanted to go see my mates

I saw on the news how some nurses had died
And old people snuffed it as well
But all the time sure that the government lied
About this pretend virus hell

Today my gran started to cough and get hot
So I said that she just had a cold
I told her corona was just a big plot
And said it was just cos she’s old

I went out again to protest in a park
So sure that it all was a con
But when I got home, just after dark
I found that my grandma had gone

The ambulance took her whilst I was away
And they put her on tubes and machines
The nurses were all wearing full PPE
And just wouldn’t let me go on in

Today I went up to the graveside and cried
And told my gran I was fool
I gave her the virus and now she has died
Stupidity can be so cruel

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