The Day It Rained

The soft pitter patter put whiskers on edge
And paws started scurrying round
The gentlest of breeze
Shook the leaves on the trees
And the first few drops fell on the ground

All of the friends in the garden, at once
Began to take cover and hide
This wasn’t the time
To ignore the first sign
And to find yourself stranded outside

The fish felt it first and swam deep in the pond
As the surface all started to splash
They hid in the reeds
And some under the weeds
As the droplets now started to crash

All of the insects then burrowed down deep
As soil started turning to mud
The ones that could fly
Found a place that was dry
Because wet wings just really aren’t good

Then suddenly giving one almighty crack
A lightning bolt lit up the sky
The dark clouds all burst
And the sky did it’s worst
To make sure that nothing stayed dry

The noise on the roof of the shed was so loud
That it sounded like cannons a-roar
Rain ran off the edge
And showered the hedge
It was no place to shelter for sure

The friends started shouting from their hiding place
To check they were all safe in bed
Then a sound met each ear
That filled them with fear
It was Marvin trapped under the shed!

Panic spread all round the garden like fire
As the rain began bucketing down
With Marvin so small
It worried them all
The poor chap could possibly drown!

He kicked for his life in an effort to swim
But his legs were too short for the job
A twig floated past
And with a tight grasp
He held on and started to sob

Everyone knew that they needed a plan
If Marvin was going to be saved
With no time to lose
The frogs made their move
And jumped right into a wave

Then hundreds of ants all joined their six hands
And into the water they splashed
They all spread out flat
And then just like that
They made themselves into a raft

So now below Marvin the frogs swam up fast
And pushed him right out of the flood
He flew in the air
And landed quite square
On the makeshift ant-raft with a thud

Now out of the water at least he was safe
And hope was back with them again
But then they all saw
That they had to do more
Before Marvin was washed down a drain

David the Blackbird was at his wits end
And he yelled “I will save the poor mouse”
With no other word
This very brave bird
Leapt down from the top of the house

Now you must remember that David was hurt
From Big Mog’s attack on the floor
So with just one wing
He did this brave thing
And picked Marvin up in his claw

The rain was still pouring and battering all
When the two of them crashed on the path
A little bit sore
But drowning no more
Marvin was rescued at last

Clearly exhausted and terribly wet
His head in the lap of his wife
Marvin then uttered
Through coughs and a splutter
“My friends you all just saved my life”

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