The Foxes Have Been At The Bins Again

A Poem by Terry Davis

I heard them last night
Make a hell of a din
Those scavenging foxes
Have been at the bins

I thought I’d secured them
With big bungee straps
But now my poor garden
Is covered in crap

Tonight I’ll confound them
And sleep well in bed
I’ll lock all the dustbins
Inside the back shed


A Poem by Julie Cade

The foxes have been at the bins again
Don’t know what they were looking there for
Were they shopping for food
So they could feed their large brood
They were making an almighty uproar

I think they’ve moved into our neighbourhood
They seem to be here every night
They prowl around after it’s gone dark
Shattering the silence with their bark
Then disappear again before it breaks light

I hate to think that they might be starving
Though I doubt that would be the case
They are the smartest of scavengers
The most experienced night travellers
But I think now here they’ve established their base


A Poem by Chris Davis

I wake up and see
Strewn about the street
A weeks waste in chaos
Oh how could this be
They come out at night
With a fantastical plan
To get at my bins
And make a real sight
To end this pain
I’ve hatched a plan
Fox proof the bins
And wake happy again

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