The Grand Plan

When first the universe went bang
And nothing really was
It hung around in clouds of gas
And had no real ‘because’

About ten billion years went past
And still no use was found
And so the planets and the stars
Just sort of hung around

Then somewhere, out of nowhere
A great idea was born
And things began to move and shift
One early Tuesday morn

And even then there still was much
To do to reach the goal
And so there formed our galaxy
Around a huge black hole

Still for countless centuries
The gas took shape and girth
And rocks and dust from in a star
Joined up to make the Earth

And after long, long years had passed
Some gloop began to flow
And in the gloop some things took shape
And some began to grow

Then many species came about
And roamed around this land
Some survived and some died out
Some even learned to stand

Then spears and fire and art and speech
Evolved just as they should
And humans spread across the earth
In houses made of wood

Then stone and wood became the past
The future it has come
With all the cleverness we bring
Us humans, with our thumbs

But what’s it all for in the end?
Philosophers have thought
And church and wise-man both have asked
Just why was all this wrought?

Is there some guide who watches on?
Or are we here by chance
What is the purpose in the end
For all this merry dance

Are we some huge experiment
Or maybe just a bet
Perhaps an accident of chance
We may just find out yet

Well maybe I’m a little slow
Or maybe even dumb
But personally I think it’s all
So you could be my Mum

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