The Poet

Writing a poem
Ain’t as hard as you think
Your feelings burst out
And splatter the ink

All over the page
That once lay there bare
And lo and behold
A poem is there

A quatrain, a couplet
It needn’t be tough
Some don’t even rhyme
But still sound quite good

And if you start writing
And poetry grows
Don’t be afraid
‘Cos it’s just fancy prose.

So just get some paper
And maybe thesaurus
Don’t worry about
A verse or a chorus

‘Cos they’re in a song
And not in a poem
Just let your thoughts flow
And get yourself going.

And soon you will find
They are easy to write
And nice to keep hold of
And read late at night

They’re also a way
To express how you feel
Though sometimes contrived
The sentiment’s real

So if you can’t say
Exactly what’s wrong
Put it in poem
That trips off the tongue

And one day you’ll read them
And after a while
They’ll bring back old memories
And may make you smile

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