The Snow Day

Come on then, come on then, read out my schools name!
Everything outside is white
The radio crackles and keeps me on hooks
We had a big snow-fall last night

The road’s like a blanket, not spoiled by cars
I want to get outside and play
Then I hear those magical words that I want
Its official – it’s a Snow Day

I can’t get my boots on quickly enough
And my coat takes forever to do
I can hear some kid’s voices, already outside
Come on Mum, let me go too

When I open the door I can hardly see out
Outside the world is so bright
I hold up my hands to make shade for my eyes
And look for a quick snowball fight

I charge down the front path, I’m skidding bit
And I manage to get to the gate
A snowball flies past me and hits the side wall
I need ammo before it’s too late

As quick as I can I scrape all of the snow
Off the top of my Mum’s frozen car
I squeeze it up tight and look for a target
Someone who isn’t too far

Within a few minutes the air is filled up
With snowballs that fly every way
Some hit their mark square and some fall just short
This is going to be such a great day

No one decides about who’s on who’s team
We just kind of go with the flow
We duck and we dive and we hide behind cars
Faces and fingers a-glow

Then when we get tired we go for some juice
At somebody’s house for a break
Gulping it down just as fast as we can
All laughing and choking on cake

Then its back to the street for the next lot of games
Some kids started building a slide
So we get something smooth that we can take turns to sit on
And run and jump on for a ride

For several hours we all take it in turn
To see which one can slide past the line
That marks the world record for skidding along
On a bin-bag or broken road sign

When the champion slider is finally found
There’s no point in sliding again
So we all look around for some unspoilt snow
As it’s time now to build some snowmen

We each start to roll a big snowball until
We see there’s far more than we need
So we mash some together to make one big one
Which gives the build progress some speed

Then we send off the small kid to find us some junk
For two hands and two eyes and a nose
But he only comes back with some crisp bags and leaves
So one of the other kids goes

The first ones to finish just spur on the rest
To make theirs much bigger of course
So we trample whats left of the snow ’til it’s flat
And they can’t get it up without force

At last it is tea time and we all must go in
And the cars are arriving back home
They drive up and drive down and the snow turns to slush
So I guess that’s the Snow Day all done

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