This Internet

This internet should be a place for everyone to be
Without the fear of being hurt by people they can’t see
They call them trolls apparently but you and I both know
That these are all just bullies with nowhere else to go

Last week I shared a photo that I’d taken of myself
What are they called? You know, the ones that aren’t of someone else
Well, anyway the photo was just me in my flat cap
And even that was vilified by some unpleasant chap

I’ve no idea who he was but my first thought was thus
To get into an argument and shout at him and cuss
I’d tell him if I knew the place he lived I’d go around
And when he opened up the door, I’d knock him to the ground

But then I thought ‘that isn’t me, I’m not that bloke at all’
Why am I made to feel so bad, by somebody so small
And then I realised that I was bending to his wish
To hook me up and reel me in, an unsuspecting fish

So why do people feel the need to use the internet
To spread such hate, without a care, that some just won’t forget
Perhaps because they feel it safe to post a hurtful tweet
Knowing that they and their victim just won’t ever meet

It says much more about the troll than those that they engage
That they are filled with his misguided and internal rage
So pity them the next time they put comments on your post
That seem unkind and wouldn’t even be a thought to most

They probably just sit all day, friendless and alone
And if the internet turned off, they’d live under a stone
Or maybe underneath a bridge like any other troll
In their own muck and venom, forever would they roll

So next time someone you don’t know writes vile things on your blog
Remember they are probably no smarter than a frog
Leave them be, don’t take to heart the nastiness they spread
And don’t let any of their vile poison get inside your head

This internet should be a place where everybody’s kind
And we can all be part of that if we keep this in mind;
You’ve no idea what kind of day your reader has just had
So when you comment, just be nice, make nobody feel bad