Two Of A Kind

Papa Ross just gave up on life
After he lost Rachel his much loved wife
His world now inside an old folks home
One room, so quiet, so alone
He sat each day in his wheelchair
With just four walls to sit and stare

Then Noeli came to visit one day
With a golf cap to encourage him to play
But he got no response from this now shell of a man
So he thought how he could come up with a plan
To waken Papa Ross from his induced slumber
And rescue him from this forced sleep he was under

So he showed him how to stash his pills
Who’d have thought he knew such skills
He cajoled Papa Ross to  exercise each day
Head rolls, arms up, not much progress made
Until he had the most ingenious idea of all
A few golf clubs hidden in a gun holdall 

He stashed them in the hedge outside
Then with a flourish and lots of pride
He produced what was a fait accompli
Papa Ross’s face was a pure joy to see
He’d craved one last game of golf before he died
He held his clubs and a swing he tried 

But alas he was still far too weak
So they worked on building his physique
Then in an unforeseen twist of fate
Noeli’s mother decided they should relocate
No more would Noeli be able to visit
This travesty broke Papa Ross’s spirit

For he’d  come to cherish Noeli’s company
Now it was being snatched from him but suddenly
Noeli became Noel, no longer a boy but now a man
He wasn’t going to let his mother’s plan
Destroy the solid bond he had built up
With someone he loved his Papa Ross

And now the start of their true adventure took place
For that game of golf was still out there someplace
They drove round and round  then in despair
Papa Ross said pull in just over there
He said promises made sometimes were broken
He was too tired and Noel seemed heartbroken

His dream of a game with Papa Ross seemed over
Until he spied the answer so much closer
To what his Papa Ross could manage
A miniature golf course a feasible challenge
They played and laughed and had much fun
Then after an unpaid meal they had to run

Noel had lost the money to pay for the food
So Papa Ross feigned illness,  very shrewd
They made it back to the old folks home
Papa Ross walked in with such aplomb
He took the nurses by surprise
They couldn’t quite believe their eyes

Where had the old man in the wheelchair gone
Who was this chirpy and seemingly much younger man
Well all’s well that ends well so they say
An apartment together was where their future lay
An old man brought back to life by a doting grandson
An Einstein, a grandpa and  a new life begun.

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