Working On The Train

The days aren’t long enough, He said,
I need more hours in the day,
I’ve so much work I must complete,
I’ll find time later on to play.

And so he worked at every hour,
Rising early, resting late,
His workload growing out of hand,
And far too much upon his plate.

His fellow workers grew to hate him,
Seeming lazy at his side,
In the office way before them,
Staying later than his ride.

He paid no heed to feeling tired,
Coffee helped him wake his brain,
He worked right through the sleepy feeling,
Even working on the train.

His time at home grew less and less,
As balance changed within his life,
The office called at every moment,
It even came before his wife.

At thirty he became a father,
Overjoyed and full of cheer,
A family at last to care for,
He must give thought to his career.

His boss spoke now of new horizons,
Ways for him to open doors,
Success was just a little further,
If he just gave a little more.

And so he worked at weekends too,
Often worked right through the night,
Seldom speaking to a soul,
His cue for sleep was morning light.

His son hit twenty quite unnoticed,
All the years that he had grown,
And likewise He was quite surprised,
To find his wife one day left home.

And so alone now he had time,
To make that push for his success,
To show the world what he was made of,
A comp’ny man and nothing less.

At fifty-two he got a message,
Telling him to take some rest,
Not from his Boss or work of course,
But from the pounding in his chest.

He powered through like times before,
Expecting it would go away,
Until they found him on the floor.
The office bathroom! On Sunday!

When he woke he saw two faces,
Looking at him from above,
He wasn’t sure he recognised them,
But they were looking on with love.

The distant past came back to haunt him,
Realising who they were,
The wife and child he worked so hard for,
What had happened to the years?

He didn’t make it through the night,
Some complications with his heart,
The doctor said it wasn’t strong,
No rest, no play, it fell apart.

And so his gravestone now is laid,
A tribute to the man below,
It reads “He worked so hard for us this man,
The one we never got to know”.

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